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Wrought Iron Fences

Wrought iron fence is synonymous with safety, protection and privacy, supplied in a variety of styles. Most popular types of wrought iron fences comes in the gothic/romantic styles, including the picket border fence, the hoop, arrow and border fence, the renaissance fence and the victorian fence. KenJoy can supply literally hundreds of different styles of wrought iron and cast iron fences. Whatever your requirements, you will be able to find something that suits you. Our worldwide customers can choose from a variety of decorative elements, including finials, personalized caps, and even coats of arms. Wrought iron gates can also be added to wrought iron fences, and can use both simple key locks and an automated entry system.

We design and produce steel fencing, and also offer complete installation by our professional team. We only use the highest quality iron materials, and all pickets are solid steel.

Finish treatment of our iron fences is normally hot-dip zinc and black powder coating. Wrought iron fences make an excellent choice where security is a concern. Wrought iron fences tend to be high enough to keep the unwanted out, and by adding sharp post caps, scaling these fences is almost impossible. Wrought iron fencing also functions to keep large pets and guard dogs safe and secure, they offer an excellent level of security blended with a sophisticated look.

The colour and design of wrought iron lends itself to a formal property and goes well with a well manicured lawn, classic masonry and brick pillars.