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Sun Shade Net

Material: Polyethylene (HDPE), the high density polyethylene, PE, PB, PVC, the recycling material, the entire fresh material, gather the second grade third grade.

Width: 1m-9m.

Length: 50m/roll, 100m/roll.

Rate of shade: 30%-90%.

Weight: 50g/m2-240g/m2.

Color: green, black, yellow, dark green, etc.

Features: Heat-resisting, cold resistant. After ultraviolet ray stabilizer and against oxidized, has strongly with the stretching resistance, bears the aging, anti-corrosive, to bear the radiation, facilely and so on.


  • Shading meshes for solar protection of crops.
  • Restricting ultraviolet ray action on plants.
  • Reducing humidity loss in soil.
  • Enhances plant airing.
  • Protection against extreme temperatures.
Specification Shade factor Width(M) Length(M)
2-pin shade net 40%–80% 1-10 50-100
3-pin shade net 50%–85% 1-10 50-100
4-pin shade net 60%–90% 1-10 50-100
6-pin(round) shade net 50%–70% 1-10 50-100
9-pin insect net 70%–80% 1-5 50-100