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Open Gable Trellis System

The vineyard gable trellis post is made with hot rolled steel. It’s “Y” shape, some people also called it “V”shape.

Trellis poles are an essential part of growing beautiful and healthy grapes.
They also serve many other purposes. Grape vines become heavy after they start bearing fruit.
Trellis offers better support when vine is trained, and it grows up on the wires as well as supports.

The gable trellis pole allows for better air flow and efficient growing techniques. It also creates a cooler and shaded environment for harvesting. Our unique trellis system enhances our plastic covering program ensuring quality product for the fall harvest.

The metal steel gable trellis systems mainly used in vineyard, orchard,
grape manor, agriculture plantation and farming. Compared to traditional wooden post systems.

The gable trellis has far more advantages thanks to its design and easy
set-up,strong and long life.

An open gable system is recommended for table grapes,which are cropped to hold a much heavier crop,up to 15tons per acre(or more).This system uses six wires in the lyre to support the canes and the fruit.Posts are placed very 20feet, and the gables can be mounted on wood or steel.The manufacturer recommends installation of one wood end post,about 5’ in from the final end post to add stability and strength to the system.

Material: Hot Dipped Gal. steel sheet
Thickness: 1.2mm 1.5mm 2.0mm 2.5mm,3.0mm
Center bar: 1120mm, 1307mm
Lateral bar: 1460mm, 1473mm
Surface treatment: Hot dipped galvanized, Black (no treated)
Packing: on pallet.