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High Ribbed Formwork

High Ribbed Formwork, consisting of steel sheets formed into mesh and U pattern rib bone, will produce a surface with concrete which will bond directly to the next pour without any special treatment. The High Ribbed Formwork widely used in building construction to form retaining walls, columns, stopends, construction joints and used to support slab flooring.

Quality Approval
British CP114 armoured concrete structure standards 1969
British 399 Chapter 1 standards on application of constant load and exerted load 1984 (CP3T Book 5 Chapter 1)

High Ribbed Formwork Materials
Fast-EZ High-Ribbed Formwork is manufactured from hot-dip zinc coated steel sheet to BS 2989 Z2 G275 standards.

High Ribbed Formwork Manufacture
The mesh and ribs are formed on machines which first cut and press the mesh and then roll-form the ribs. At the same time the material is stretched to form an expanded mesh.

High Ribbed Formwork Parameter

Model Thickness (mm) Weight (kg) Width (mm) Length (mm) Area (m2)
SM 040 0.40 3.40 450 2200 0.99
SM 045 0.45 3.80 450 2200 0.99
SM 050 0.50 4.20 450 2200 0.99
SM 055 0.55 4.60 450 2200 0.99
SM 060 0.60 5.00 450 2200 0.99