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Electro Galvanized Wire

Electro galvanized wire is our featured product. It is made by means of wire drawing followed by heat treatment and electro galvanizing. It is made from carbon steel wire and mild steel wire materials. It has the features of thick zinc coating, good corrosion resistance and firm zinc coating.

Wire diameter: BWG8# to BWG16#. We also offer thinner wire down to BWG5# or up to BWG28# upon customers specific order.

Electro galvanized wire can be supplied in the form of coil wire, spool wire or further processed into straightened cut wire or U type wire.

Packing: In coils or spools then to be on pallets. Single coil package can be as small as 10 kg and up to maximum 1000 kg per coil.

Applications: This kind of industrial wire is mainly used in construction, making of wire nails and wire ropes, express way fencing, binding of flowers and wire mesh weaving. Here are a few specific applications as follow:

  • Electro galvanized wire 1mm/1.4mm/1.6mm/2mm with tensile strength 2000 – 2500, for reinforcement with PVC hose.
  • Electro galvanized wires or hot dipped galvanized wires for making nails of between 1 and 4 inches in length, 2.0mm to 4.5 mm in diameter (SWG 12 to 8).
  • Electro galvanized then PVC coated wire 1.4 / 2.0 mm, 1.8 / 2.6mm, 2.2/3.2mm, 2.5/3.5mm, 3.0/4.0mm, 3.55/4.75mm, 3.76 / 4.88 mm for manufacturing chain link fence.
  • Galvanized wire for the manufacture of muzzles to hold the cap of the bottle of champagne.